The planting terrace and the experience pavilion



The geographical advantage of Shajing had seen it flourished into a lower end manufacturing base for Shenzhen in the past three decades. The mass construction of industrial parks not only destroyed the scenery wetland and farmland, but also brought chaos to the nearby suburb. In recent years, many residential quarters and schools were built around the industrial parks, which stirred up the initial intentions of this project, to offer a vibrant public space for workers, resident, students and the plant lovers a green and cultural place to enjoy. With various experiential activities in the traditional planting culture of Shajing is passed down in a new form, which is also a media for community building. In order to meet the demand for parking, and to improve the spatial quality of the courtyard, a large landscaped terrace was created which covers the parking lot. This space can also provide seating for spectators when outdoor activities are held in the courtyard. Concrete planting troughs are randomly placed on the terrace, so people can plant various crops and shrubs, depending on their individual preferences. In the northeast of the terrace, there is a planting pavilion made of exposed concrete, which brings plant lovers together to learn from one another. The first floor is a public space for exhibition, communication and lectures, while the second floor acts as a planting and training space for the plant lovers. Overhead staircases and floor slabs make the little building looks ingenious.

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