The Picchio Visitors’ Centre and KERA-IKE Rink

Karuizawa, Japan / Klein Dytham architecture and Studio on Site


The Picchio Ice Rink, at the idyllic Hoshino Resort in Karuizawa, serves a dual purpose. In the summer months, the building is a visitor’s centre at the start of a wild bird trail through the hills; with the coloured accents in the wooden façade catching your eye, like one of the many dragonflies in the area.

In the snowy winter, when the water freezes over, the area becomes an ice rink with the curvature of the building echoing the beautiful skating trails in the ice. The building sits in perfect harmony with its surroundings and offers visitors to the area a multi-purpose space that offers peace and shade in summer and a warm respite in winter. 

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