The Nexen Univer-City : New Nexen R&D Center

HAEAHN Architecture, Inc. + H Architecture, P.C.


The building is a new R&D Center for Nexen, a leading tire company in South Korea, located at the western edge of Metropolitan Seoul that is currently under development as a hub of cutting-edge industries, hosting many research facilities for South Korea’s leading corporations. The building is equipped a series of multi-disciplinary research and development labs covering all aspects of the company’s technology. It also houses supporting offices, various types of meeting areas and welfare facilities for workers. The design began with the goal of reinventing a new type of urban research facility suitable in a dense urban context. It proposes the building to be organized into four programmatic zones while maximizing connectivity and interactivity. All required spaces are shaped in and enwreathed by a dual-helix form which integrates a roof garden and a courtyard together. It creates various communicative spaces for workers, and completes a unique prototype of an urban research facility with green spaces. The heart of the building is the courtyard, a sun-filled and fluid green, which provides outdoor areas for gathering, rest and events. The unique dual-helix form with the courtyard promotes use of outdoor space as a communicative space while it provides more efficient and cooperative work experience. The building is also designed for responding to the environment to achieve maximum energy efficiency. The southern and eastern façades feature a shading-louver system, inspired by tire treads, efficiently controls the amount of direct sunlight reaching the work space and reflected sunlight reaching back from the courtyard.

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