The Clusters in the Forest

Elev, Denmark / FRIIS & MOLTKE Architects


The Clusters in the Forest

The project has its architectural inspiration from the Nordic forest with mos-clad tues and majestic tall trees with large tree tops that filter the light and create a flicker on the forest ground. 

The settlement is arranged as a small village in clusters surrounding a central space - a community. Slip between the buildings lets the landscape and paths slide through the common area, which ressembles a clearing in a forest. Floating boardworks weave between the landscape and buildings.

To ensure the view and daylight in the clearing spot, the lowest-level buildings are kept on one floor, whereas the highest buildings on the slope are up to three floors. Together, the changing building heights and the sloping terrain create a varied structure that breaks down the scale and adapts to nature.

In contrast to the soft forms of the nature and forest, the moss-covered forest floor is consumed with distinctive concrete platforms in different levels. In some places, hard surfaces work like terraces, elsewhere like flooring in homes, over which sculpturally floating wooden boxes creates ceilings. Wide windows allow the forest floor and tree trunks to reach the façade completely and create an intense proximity and atmosphere.

The cluster settlement concept is aimed at the modern family who want more access to nature and space than they have in their apartment in the city. The family can enjoy the nature and be an active part of a community.

The properties appear simple and well proportioned. There are no traditional gardens, which allows nature to come right into the facade.

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