Terrazas del Lago

Morph Estudio


The project, Terrazas del Lago, owned by Morph Studio and built by Avintia, is located in Madrid. The plot has a regular shape surrounded by streets on three sides. The building is one of the first buildings in Madrid to achieve Class A Energy Rating. It consists 10 floors above ground with 83 housing units.
The building typology is that of an open block projecting a private open space with landscaped garden, swimming pool and paddle sports area.
This building came into being after much complications first being the regulation to align 75% of the façade with the site leaving just 25% of the façade to play with. The plot has a huge park on its Southern side. Using this on our advantage we oriented and shaped the building facing the parks by giving huge terraces with unparalleled views and an organic form, thus, redefining the perception of a housing. In a minimal order, the façade shaped by heterogeneous texture was designed, breaking the typical paradigm of horizontal design. 
The façade composition is consistent with ceramic cladding, fabric sheet and self-supporting screed. The free self-supporting backing system is made with 2 sheets of laminated plaster screwed directly to a self-supporting structure of metal profiles.
The external windows in the facades have been designed to function practically with foldable aluminium windows with thermal bridge break and compact extruded aluminium shutter system with lacquered or anodized finish in color. In living rooms the windows have a lifting sliding system. Roller shutters of extruded aluminium slats and injected polyurethane inside for thermal/acoustic installation. 
The exterior vertical coatings have a façade of dark stonker type ceramic or similar, with horizontal bands coated with white Krion. The terraces are clad with Krion covered with terrace petticoats.

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