Tank Park

Tank Park, LandLAB

Wynyard Quarter was once a bay known as Waiatarau ‘The Reflecting Waters’. The land was incrementally reclaimed from the Waitematā Harbour over the last century, and has served industrial purposes for most of that time – housing bulk storage of tallow, cooking oils, petrochemicals and caustic soda colloquially known as ‘Tank Farm’ This project imagines a transformation from ‘Tank Farm’ to ‘Tank Park’ the newest addition to Wynyard Quarter’s design-led transformation.

Tank Park creatively adapts and reveals the sites unique post-industrial character (near mythology) into an authentic, engaging and immersive landscape experience and landmark at the confluence of the ‘waterfront’ and ‘park’ axes and geographical heart of the Quarter. LandLAB collaborated with BECA (Civil Engineering), Switch Lighting Mana whenua and the Panuku Design and Place teams to drive the design concept and vision for this space. Tank Park will play a role in the array of tank structures along the North/ South Daldy Street axis, stitching the history of Tank Farm into the fabric of the new Wynyard Quarter development.

Mark the intersection of the Waterfront and Park axes. define the geographical centre of the campus and the ‘hinge’ between the gird orientations of the southern (1935) and northern (1945) reclamations. The retained and constructed Tank forms provide a new spatial function as hubs of activation and special activity that compliment Silo park and Daldy Street Linear Park. Retention of the Bulk Liquid tanks compliments the retention of former concrete plant silo’s within Silo Park.

BECA (Civil + Structural Engineering)