Tanjing Sales center

Tanjing Sales center, Shanghai PTArchitects

The project is located in Taijiang District, Fuzhou City. It resides to the north of the historic Guangming Port and next to the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys Historical Area.

The project preserves the two ancient banyan trees on the site, creating a series of spaces and inner streets around them and evoking the traditional Fuzhou lifestyle that exists “under the bayan tree, next to the river.” Green living, art exhibitions, sales center, leisure, and entertainment are all united within the Tanjing Sales center, bringing a new vibrancy to the neighborhood.

The site planning adopts Chinese courtyard layout. Accommodating the boundaries established for the preservation of ancient trees, the building is wedged into the site in a "U" shape, forming a semi-enclosed courtyard space. The two banyan trees become the center of the courtyard and the space opens as an entrance leading into the street.

The relationship between the open plaza outside and the enclosed courtyard inside brings a new sense of vitality and tension to the city. The building emphasizes the interaction and harmony between nature, architecture and people. Changes in the height and scale the building are done to reveal the relationships formed by the architecture and the banyan trees.

The shape and slope of the roofs are derived from the traditional buildings of Fuzhou. The gentle character inherent in these rooftops brings stability and calmness to the building. To match the local architecture, the architect uses local stone and brick as the main materials of the wall.