Taikang Community Daqinggu

Taikang Community Daqinggu, Taikang Healthcare Investment Holdings

Taikang Community Daqinggu is located in the Daqinggu scenic area of Hangzhou China, which is considered as a flagship CCRC(Continuing Care Retirement Community)of Taikang in east China, where it consists of hospital, nursing houses, recreation center and residential buildings. In Song Dynasty (A.D. 960-1279), Hangzhou experienced its peak period as China's economic center. With the fame as “earthly paradise”, the city’s local “Jiangnan Culture” has been gradually developed, which is preserved and inherited in Hangzhou for thousands of years.

The design inspiration of Taikang Community Daqinggu came with this traditional “Jiangnan Culture”, which focuses on the definition of “point” , “line” and “plane” in various Chinese Jiangnan artwork, such as the abstract contour of wash painting, and the smooth curve of porcelain, and all of these elements endowed this community characters with the combination of “dynamic” and “static”.

Designer expects this community to remind people of Song Dynasty, and take residents back to Hangzhou’s memory of prosperity. As an upmarket nursing community, Taikang Community Daqinggu avoided high-rise residential buildings, where it adopted ancient Chinese slope roof element with different height, for imitating the view of ambient mountain layer and being integrated with surrounding natural environment.

The application of bamboo windows and wooden structure elements helped decrease the heaviness sense of contemporary architecture. With white-wash walls and green tiles, Taikang Community Daqinggu was expected to provide a really “Song-period” world for elders, which took them to a dream-like ancient land, and also arouse their pride of this great and historic city.