Swirling Cloud: Bulletin Pavilion for BJFU Garden Festival

SUP Atelier


“A gale has risen and is sweeping the clouds across the sky.” Inspired by this famous verse in an ancient Chinese poem, the design team has presented a “pavilion of swirling clouds” for the garden festival of BJFU. Covering an area of 120 square meters, the pavilion will serve as a hub for information during the festival, and turn into a place for recreation and gathering after the event. The design approach has taken full advantage of bamboo’s features, especially its malleability and bending resistance. The positions of curved openings on the pavilion were determined by the flow of people and the distribution of trees, bushes and stones on the site, so that people can easily walk across the square through the pavilion. The pavilion stretches over the bushes in a light and graceful way. The top of the pavilion narrowed into a round skylight, merging the building with wind, sunlight and green plants, while presenting an image of swirling clouds. With the help of the long-standing processing techniques of natural bamboo, the size, shape, structural from and details were confirmed through close collaboration of the architects, structural engineers and bamboo contractors. Modern building techniques, digital design technology and bamboo construction were integrated through pre-fabrication. Through close collaboration, the architects and the bamboo contractors have discovered a practical prototype that can adapt to various site conditions and functions thanks to the great flexibility of bamboo design.

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