SUND Nature Park



SUND Nature Park by SLA is a ground-breaking example of a new type of modern campus park that supports and strengthens the good study and research life while providing a wide range of biological, functional and social values to the surrounding city.
The park surrounds the iconic Mærsk Tower - University of Copenhagen's new health sciences research-complex.

SUND Nature Park creates an ideal environment for the good study and research life. Here, the built and grown environment melt together in outdoor study places, green resting areas and plenty of opportunities for informal social gathering. Nature flows in and out of the building, thus creating the best possible setting for a healthy and inspiring research and study life.

The park is designed to handle the most extreme cloudbursts, protecting the surrounding buildings and roads from flooding. All rainwater from both park, building and green roofs is collected and naturally cleansed in the park and contained in large underground reservoirs. From here, it is re-used for irrigation and for toilet flush in the building. Finally, the SUND Nature park is also adding to Copenhagen's world-renowned cycling culture through innovative cycling solutions, including underground bicycle parking with room for 1,000 bikes.

With SLA's design, SUND Nature Park has become a new green destination and a social meeting point for researchers and students as well as the local Copenhageners.

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