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The project is located in Wudang District, Guiyang City. It has abundant tourism resources and convenient transportation. The site is on a hill in Lewan International Park, which is adjacent to the mountain landscape in the west and overlooks the golf course and the central water system in the north. The entrance is on the south side of the site. From ancient times, 'ascending a height and enjoying a distant view’ or ‘leaning on a balcony and looking at the distance’ is the feeling and expectation of poets and scholars, as well as the source of the design of this project. Nowadays the web celebrity architecture is a new aesthetic demand and a challenge to our design. Chinese classical gardens have unique artistic charm, which are the ideal places for scholars to live, rest and enjoy. The mountains, waters, halls and flowers in these gardens place their spirits everywhere and show their aesthetic interest. Mr. Chen Congzhou, a famous artist of ancient architecture and garden, said, "To build a garden, the emphasis is on word-composing, which has profound meaning. Deep in thought, wonderful in interest, not just the matter of construction or planting". This sentence shows that the garden of "heaven-made" is carefully built. The overall rhythm of the garden is reflected in the structure layout and the relationship between scenery. This linear spatial structure, through the overall planning of the tour route, divides the whole garden into several independent and connected scenic spots.

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