Strømme Senter - Shared care homes for people with dementia

FRIIS & MOLTKE Architects



A village with shared care homes for people with dementia in an attractive, familiar setting, with the quality of life of the residents as the central turning point and the care home as the functional background.
The shared homes are structured as eight residences that surround an open and flexible centrally-located communal area.The physical framework is logical and simply designed, which makes it easy for residents, staff, relatives and visitors to navigate.
The security in the physical surroundings of the village is to a high degree based on normality, by making the residents feel safe and secure, something which does not necessarily mean that the care home should be 100% escape-proof, but that it is important to focus on providing accessible and meaningful daily activities in order to prevent behaviour disorders and to shift the focus from wandering. The village only have one entrance/exit in the form of a large, visually open arrival area where the staff have an overview over who comes and goes in the village.

The smaller scale of the shared homes encourages a homely interior design and thus ensures secure, welcoming and recognisable rooms. Both outside and inside great emphasis has been placed on differentiating the public/private zones of the day rooms, so that the residents with conflicting needs can feel safe.

Using well-conceived architecture, the aim of the project is to help soothe the minds of the residents, in particular reducing disruptive behavioural symptoms and helping them to fend for themselves as much as possible, thereby improving their quality of life.

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