Stanley Pauley Engineering Building

Stanley Pauley Engineering Building, Stantec Architecture for University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Engineering, the oldest in Western Canada, is located on a leafy campus in the Fort Garry neighbourhood of south Winnipeg. The original Engineering Building, completed in 1907, was situated on the campus along the original Beaux-Arts promenade. Development in the 1960s compromised that planning as subsequent buildings were added. Over time, facilities for the Faculty grew through infill, expansion, and renewal.

A sole expansion opportunity remained at the southwest corner of the faculty precinct along the primary path into the campus. The University desired a four story building to accommodate growth of the Faculty, facilitating teaching and research excellence, with an intent to drive innovation and economic development for Manitoba and Canada. Initially, site conditions related to snowfall load on an adjacent building roof lowered the height of the new building by one story.

Completed in January 2019, the new 4,273 m2 Stanley Pauley Engineering Building offers a new portal into the Faculty of Engineering. It is a compact ‘utility box’ of disparate programs supporting career and technical education through hands-on learning. Targeting LEED Silver NC through energy conservation and occupant wellness, the facility is articulated by usage. Its massing is made materially legible through four expressions: ‘Service’ by concrete panels capped with dark tinted glass; ‘Circulation’ by highly transparent low-iron glass; ‘Workshops’ by black stack bond granite masonry; and ‘Academic’ which houses offices, laboratories, and student areas. This block is expressed using black fritted vision glass in deep black aluminum frames.