Stables, FV2 Architektur GmbH

Felicia Specht - Lead Architect 

Jonathan Sage - Photographer
Sebastian Raschauer - Landscape Design
Antonia Harnack - Architect Assistant

Once upon a time the sound of hooves and snorting horses filled the air of a courtyard in the South of Munich near the river Isar… In 2017 the young designers of FV2 Architektur were commissioned to convert the former horse stable into an apartment building. The first step towards sustainable design was taken: not to remove, but to renovate!

The stable was restored according to the specifications for monument preservation. Removing two layers of tarmac and surrounding the building with extensive greenery and recycled paving blocks allows natural rainwater infiltration. A particular drainage system was constructed to preserve the foundations of the brick building.

Any later additions on the roof truss were stripped down, the construction was reinforced and the entire roof including the jamb wall insulated with wood shavings. Whenever revealed beneath layers of flooring, original oak floorboards were sanded and oiled, resembling the original flair of the 19th century. Once taken over for planning, FV2 came across a wide range of heating systems throughout the building.

Now, the six-apartments are connected to the district heating system. In corse of the restoration, six original segmental arch windows were restored and 34 further windows were rebuilt in wood according to the historical model. Two entrance doors from 1883 were maintained and carefully restored. Today, six individual apartments are homes to young couples, families, singles and students, i.e. a spacious maisonette with a private garden, two bedroom apartments with terraces facing the courtyard.