Sound Transit - North Link University Station, University of Washington

LMN Architects


The southeast corner of the University of Washington campus is a complex district in the midst of substantial transformation-including renovation of the football stadium, redesign of the Rainier Vista campus space, and a new entrance to the Medical Center. These signature campus buildings and spaces intersect with major roadways, campus entries, and a regional bike path (the Burke-Gilman Trail).

The new Sound Transit light rail station and its associated public spaces are designed to provide the connections for this complex of major campus elements, making a significant contribution to the importance of rail transit in serving the campus community. The two-level entrance structure is highly transparent, allowing natural light to highlight the escalator pathways within. From the mezzanine, the escalators pass through a central circulation volume surrounded by the station art installation, and provide clear way-finding to the train platform 100 feet below.

At the surface, just north of the entrance structure, a new pedestrian bridge connects to the main campus. Taking the shape of a simple sweeping curve, the bridge extends from the station over Montlake Boulevard, linking to the Rainier Vista and various bicycle and pedestrian ways on campus.

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