Smart Urban Park System

Smart Urban Park System, Strohecker Architects

Are you still just parking or are you letting your garage park for you yet? With the new Smart Urban Park System (SUP®) the SUPsystem Holding from Graz is paving the way towards the future of mobility. The parking concept scores points with its sophisticated e-mobility emphasis, complete C02 neutrality, easy maintenance and fast construction phase. More space for urban living - that's what the fully automated, subterranean system will increasingly create in urban centers in the future. The disadvantages of an ever- increasing lack of space will be minimized; a maximum number of cars can be accommodated in a minimum amount of space. That's how simple parking will be in the future. Getting in and out of the vehicle will take place in the access area, so the vehicle will already be turned over to the intelligent garage aboveground. An up to fourfold lift system guarantees a fast, fully automatic parking process as well as a prompt return of the vehicles to the surface. An app handles the logistical aspects. If you want your vehicle back, you enter the command via your smartphone. The app then provides precise information on when the car is ready to be picked up. 

The whole parking process takes about 80 seconds per lift. The sophisticated technical system comes from the German company PALIS, which is also responsible for the two famous parking towers in the VW Autostadt in Wolfsburg Germany. 
As the motor of the vehicle is already turned off at the ground level, the SUP® can score points with complete CO2 neutrality. The future of mobility is taken into account by means of an ingenious E-charging system. As soon as a car is parked in one of the parking spots, if required, it is autonomously charged via integrated charging modules.