Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4

SAA Architects Pte Ltd, Consortium Lead and Executive Architect Benoy Ltd, Concept Design Architect, Interior Designer and Wayfinding


Singapore Changi Airport's new Terminal 4 (T4) delivers the future of airport terminal design. The world's best airport redefines the passenger experience at Changi with a profound focus on immersing each visitor in a stress-free, all-inclusive environment for a "fun, vibrant and positively surprising" experience.

It is a passenger-centric, holistic approach to airport design, with the incorporation of cutting-edge technology and automated processes not an end unto itself, but as an efficient and complementary ecosystem that supports the overarching vision of providing an enjoyable and memorable experience for every passenger.

The 225,000m2 terminal will accommodate a maximum of 16 million passengers a year. To make the airport transit fast, smooth and secure, T4 introduces the use of a centralised security screening area. This allows passengers to go straight to security check after clearing immigration; bringing the highest levels of stress during travel up front and allowing travellers to relax once the security check is over. Upon clearing security, they can either visit the duty-free shops or proceed directly to one of the 21 departure gates. 

State-of-the-art and user-friendly self-service check-in kiosks and bag-drops are also introduced at check-in and immigration, presenting travellers with heightened levels of efficiency and comfort, enabling fast and seamless travel. 

Every element of the T4 design process was curated to create an enjoyable and memorable travel experience for passengers; from the facilities and services, to the environment and the visual elements within the terminal. Each piece of art was conceptualised and designed with careful consideration as to how it would enhance the terminal's design and architecture, weaving in a narrative that converges art and travel.

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