Short Lane

Woods Bagot Pty Ltd


Short Lane is a mixed-use development that retains the diversity of its local neighbourhood and creates places for more of it to happen. The mix of 22 compact 1 and 2-bedroom apartments appeals to the dramatic surrounding lifestyle of Surry Hills, Sydney. Beneath, a new, fine grain retail component activates the street frontage and a reawakened lane network, with the new 'Short Lane' created to connect to both.
 The new verdant apartment typology is stitched neatly into the local urban fabric with height, scale, and materiality complementing historic neighbours. The project not only responds to the brief, it goes above and beyond to deliver new botanical spaces, walkable laneways which retain the urban character, and venues that enhance amenity for the local community.
 The board-marked concrete directly references the extension to the state-heritage listed 1847 Wesleyan Chaple to the north: a brutalist tower with integral sunshading built in 1980. When build into form the design team places wedges and blocks behind some in order to create deeper shadows and ridges in the concrete for the Sydney light to reflect on. This deliberate act of crafting and sculpting shows an understanding of the medium, of concrete and the importance of detail in architecture
 Ultimately, Short Lane is an exemplar for low scale, mixed use city living, which integrate natures within a harsh urban environment.

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