Shenzhen Meilin Dongguan Sci-Tech Building

Shenzhen Meilin Dongguan Sci-Tech Building, Yijing Architectural design

Shenzhen Meilin Dongguan Sci-Tech Building is the future headquarter of Dongguan Group. Located southwest where Meilin Road and Kaifeng Road meet, the tower building is 200 meters tall with 41 floors. When completed, it will become an iconic super high-rise urban service center in Meicai area of Shenzhen that combines business, finance, living, culture and leisure.

Within the plot, there stand Meilin Community Park in the south and Culture & Sports Center in the north; there are few super high-rise buildings within this area as well as problems of high urban density and small reconstruction plot. Faced with increasing scarcity of urban land resources and high floor area ratio, we hope to create more outdoor terraces to meet people’s diverse space demands, enable people to work in a “vertical forest” and achieve an excellent integration of work, life and nature.In order to bring greenery into the building and echoing the surrounding park. We decide to cut the block vertically, let nature and the tower interweave, extending life and social interaction outdoors.

The modernist skyscraper and the contemporary interpretation of the pre-modern setback merge in a new hybrid and an exciting addition to the Shenzhen skyline.The tiered structure comes with well-arranged outdoor terraces as it rises upwards, which creates 1560 square metre of outdoor terraces full of lush greenery , and makes green space extend all the way to the façade of the tower building facing the downtown area and provide an unprecedented views of the surrounding cityscape.

Leader architect: He Mincong

Design team: Xiao Lijun, Huang Zhencheng, Chen Zhiyang, Zhou Lixin