Seoul Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal

Weston Williamson + Partners


Our design creates a unique Seoul landmark and a memorable meeting point on the edge of the Han River. A truly public ferry terminal, it fosters a new and exciting bond between the people of Seoul and the waterway which has enriched their lives for centuries. Sitting half on the water and half on the land, the building provides a seamless connection between the two, linking visitors and residents with the river in two distinct ways. A water courtyard, created by encircling part of the river with the building, provides a multi-functional gathering space and ecological zone and allows people to experience this huge waterway in an intimate setting. A circular ramp loops over the water and back to the land to create a continuous rooftop promenade with 360 degree views over the surroundings. This space acts as an extension of the park and allows people to enjoy the vistas by day or night, even when the terminal building is closed. The terminal caters for a variety of different modes of water transport and includes departure halls, ticket offices and retail spaces. The Han River has been a valuable resource for the people of Seoul for centuries, functioning as a crucial trade route and source of agricultural prosperity, while providing a scenic respite from the fast-paced modern day city. In this new phase of its history, the river is once again a centre for social life, the new terminal building at its heart, open and accessible to all.

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