Scheldehof Residential care centre

Scheldehof Residential care centre, atelier PRO

Scheldehof is a residential care centre located in and next to the former monumental Heavy Sheet Metal factory of Vlissingen. Atelier PRO architects designed the transformation of this industrial site into a contemporary residential care centre. In the former shipyard area a lively social and spatial landmark has arisen. Scheldehof Residential Care Centre consists of the restored Heavy Sheet Metal factory site with 55 homes for somatic patients. It has been combined with a new construction that consists of 48 units for geriatric patients suffering from dementia, divided over two floors and 54 care (support) homes. The former Heavy Sheet Metal factory now also offers public facilities such as a restaurant, training rooms, workshop rooms, hair salon, a retail shop, physiotherapy room, cinema and theatre room. Underneath the new building there is a parking garage with 35 parking spaces. 
Atelier PRO also designed the care centre interior which features a style that keeps alive the shipyard activity of the past, making people feel at home because part of the residents have actually been employed here in the past. Smart interior detailing resulted in an efficient working environment for care professionals without creating an institutional atmosphere. This was solved by invisibly concealed patient lifts in the rooms, installations concealed in the corridor panelling and flexibility solutions for spatial adaptations ensuring the accommodation to be future proof. 
Special attention has been paid to designing for dementia: creating a home for the disoriented, enabling them to wander around safely in a protected indoor garden and using special materials to stimulate the senses.

Despite being located in an area suffering from population decrease, the client, WVO Zorg care service provider, made an effort to develop an environment that appeals to the public by making an attractive place to visit, thus restoring urban livelihood.