San Rafael Park

San Rafael Park, IDOM

San Rafael Park is a 1,200 ha park located 30 minutes far from Bogota DC city centre. The park surrounds the main potable water reservoir that supports Bogota and is part of the El Sapo Protected Natural Reserve. Due to the strict requirements in terms of natural protection, all the activities projected are passive recreational activities.

San Rafael Park is designed identifying 6 different areas, the Landscape Units. The Reservoir, the Native Andean Forest, the Beach, the North Meadow, the Eastern Meadow and the Water Treatment Station are conceived respecting their current natural conditions by means of a landscape design that is thought to preserve the native species and protect them from foreign ones, but at the same time allowing the addition of recreational activities that will be focused on the natural values of each area.

The architecture projected in San Rafael Park has a unitary design, based on the historical “Haciendas” by using white continuous render façades and inclined roofs. In spite of this historical approach in the conception of the materiality and volume of the buildings, there is a deep thought in terms of sustainability. All the buildings are built using “dry construction” techniques, avoiding materials as concrete that can affect the natural conditions of the environment, and lifted at least 50 cms from grade level to avoid any damage to the land, water currents or natural elements.