Salesforce Transit Center

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects


Salesforce Transit Center is a state-of-the-art transit station in San Francisco, linking 11 transit systems and connecting the city to the region, state, and nation. The innovative, sustainable design includes a 2.2-hectare (5.4-acre) rooftop park that anchors a new mixed-use neighborhood. In the spirit of New York’s Grand Central Terminal and London’s Victoria Station, the Transit Center’s soaring light-filled spaces give San Francisco a grand entrance that befits its status as a world-class city. Salesforce Transit Center stretches four blocks along Mission Street, one block south of the Financial District. A gently undulating wall, inspired by the “Penrose Tiling” of famed mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose, floats above the street on angled steel columns, and is visible from afar, creating a graceful, luminous, and welcoming image. At street level, shops and cafes draw visitors and energize the surrounding neighborhood. Above, trees and flowers of the rooftop park invite people to visit for longer periods, transforming the area from a commuter hub to an urban destination. The heart of the transit center is Salesforce Park, the rooftop park. Dense with nature and activities, it has ten entry points, including bridges to surrounding buildings. Woven into the landscape are cafes, a 1,000-person amphitheater, children’s playground, Bay Area ecologies, and quiet areas for reading, picnicking or simply taking a break. The park’s annual energy consumption is 50 percent lower than the 2008 Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards, and it is on track to receive a Gold certification under the LEED 2009 rating system.

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