Salesforce Transit Center and Park

PWP Landscape Architecture


Completed in August 2018, this multi-modal transit center in downtown San Francisco links 11 transit systems and connects the city to the region, the state, and the community.

The sustainable design includes a 5.4-acre rooftop park that is the central public open space of a new mixed-use neighborhood. Salesforce Park brings nature, horticulture, art and a mixture of botanical and active programmed experiences to the City’s downtown while tying into the sustainability program of the building that sits below it.

Conceived as a multifunctional recreational space that provides respite, activity, and education for transit users, office workers, tourists and locals, the park was integrally designed with the building to achieve expansive areas of soil to support large, healthy trees and to tie into the architectural structural, mechanical and sustainability systems.

The living systems of the park and its robust vegetation work hard as a high-performance landscape designed to filter and detain stormwater that lands on the building, combat urban heat island effects, sequester carbon from the vehicles using the facility and treat grey water from restrooms.

Measuring one block wide and four blocks long, Salesforce Park’s long and thin format creates a sequence of episodic experiences, rather than a singular monumental field. The park is a series of multi-functional spaces both intimate and expansive, providing places for social gathering, events, activities, play and education. Dramatic and ecologically focused gardens provide rich experiential, ecological and horticultural engagement for park visitors and habitats that offer glimpses into an array of nature’s wonders.

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects- Architect Architect of Record: Adamson Associates Architects (Los Angeles, Toronto) Accessibility Consultant: McGuire Associates Accessibilty for the Blind Consultant: Chris Downey Architect Acoustic, Voice/Data/Telecom, and Security Consultants: Shen Milsom &Wilke (San Francisco, Chicago), WSP (San Francisco) Arborists: Barrie Coate and Associates, Stephen Batchelder Consulting Artists: James Carpenter, Julie Chang, Tim Hawkinson, Jenny Holzer, Ned Kahn Civil Engineer: ARUP (San Francisco) Civil, Geotechnical and Transportation Engineer, Rail Facilities, Highway/Bridge, Tunnel Ventilation, Extreme Event and Risk, Pedestrian Circulation Operations Analysis, and Fire/Life Safety Consultant: ARUP (San Francisco) Cost Estimator: Davis Langdon (San Francisco) Design Structural Engineer: Schlaich Bergermann & Partner Emergency Communication and Mass Notification Systems Consultant: Rolph Jensen & Associates Façade Access (Window Washing) Consultant: Lerch Bates & Associates Façade Consultant: Vidaris Fountain and Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineer: Fountain Source Engineering and Design Graphics, Signage, and Wayfinding Designer: WRNS Studio (San Francisco) Horticulturalist and Palm Consultants: The Palm Broker (Jason Dewees), Don Hodell from University of California Extension, Golden Gate Palms & Exotics (Gary Gragg) Illustrator: Steelblue Irrigation Designer: ISC Group Landscape Lighting Designer: Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design Lighting Designer: Auerbach Glasow French Architectural Lighting Design and Consulting Mechanical Controls Consultant: HMA Consulting Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineer: BuroHappold Engineering Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineer of Record: WSP (San Francisco) Plumbing Engineer: Mechanical Design Studio Risk and Vulnerability Consultant: URS/AECOM, DVS Security Consulting Soil Scientist: Pine & Swallow Environmental Structural Engineer: Thorton Thomasetti (Los Angeles) Sustainability Consultant: BVM Engineering Sustainability Engineer: Atelier Ten Vertical Transportation Consultant: Edgett Williams Consulting Group Vibration Consultant: Wilson Ihrig & Associates Waterproofing Consultant: Henshell & Buccellato Wetland Consultant: Rana Creek Living Architecture Wind Consultant: RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists

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