Sakura, Jestico + Whiles for Realism

‘Sakura’ is a prestigious new 67-apartment building on a stunning hilltop location within the Prague 5 district of Košíre, offering incredible panoramic views across the city. The client, TE Premium Development, ran an invited design competition for the project with a brief that called for innovative housing for the future with a high proportion of green space for residents to enjoy. The project is named Sakura after the Japanese flowering cherry tree / blossom and the tree will be a prominent feature throughout the development.

The building contains a total of 64 apartments and three roof-top villas. A café and shop are also accommodated at ground floor level adjacent to a private park where facilities for recreation are available for residents. The central concept of the Jestico + Whiles competition winning proposal was to give residents a sense of living in a family house with a garden, whilst maintaining the benefits of urban living that an apartment building brings. The main volume consists of individual apartments expressed as elements inserted between deep horizontal slabs.

These elements are clearly legible within the façade, and a staggered plan breaks down the perceived mass, whilst also enhancing privacy to terraces. The requirement to create architecture with a large proportion of vegetation was fulfilled by an unusual approach. The perimeter of all floor levels is lined by a continuous planter that provides sufficient soil for vegetation. Appropriate varieties of plants together with an irrigation system will ensure the appearance of greenery throughout the year.