Revolving Sail Boat Bridge

Margot Krasojević


The design proposal is for a pedestrian bridge to cross the Wulanmulun River, located in Ordos city, Mongolia.
The bridge consists of a main floating section which gives buoyant support to three expanding walkways, and a carbon fiber triple sail which is raised and lowered by the buoyancy rotator, the bridge relocates by sailing to its new location, it uses a hydraulic telescopic secondary structure to support the pedestrian walkway, expanding and contracting into the main body of the primary structure depending on where the sail-boat bridge is berthed or sailing to; the bridge can be moored along the quayside, sailed into any location along the river or permanently positioned using Caisson foundations which are floated and sunk into position stabilising the bridge, screw-in moorings provide further stabilising along with nine-ton anchors to prevent drift. The hydraulic walkway is supported by the river banks landing docks whilst the main body of the bridge is kept afloat by the sail and it's rotator, the walkway and ring frame's weight distribution prevents capsize, the primary ring frame has eight marine floatation airbags to further stabilise the sail rotation. 
The sails are made from a lightweight aluminum frame clad in a carbon fiber reinforced polymer, they are suspended from a rotating aluminium Möbius ballast chamber hydraulically operated by a thruster to rotate and fill with water in order to revolve the sail, the Möbius chamber is enveloped in stabilizer fins and photovoltaic cells which power the thruster.

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