Red Plum Culture and Creative Park

AAarchitects + IIA Atelier


The Red Plum Park is part of the updates in the city. The 4 buildings in the Park are in different sizes and damage levels, architects bring new culture functions into the old buildings and re-open the park to public. The six-folding gable of the raw material warehouse in #1 Building represents the past large storage capacity. Reconstruction enables it to host large live house performance, to attract new culture and gather crowds. 
#2 Building is the smallest yet the most important link in production process. The south facade is severely damaged, the design restores the original dimension and expands the entrance, fully displaying the openness and tolerance of building to the city. The glass facade of #12 building are standing on the north side, purposely to indicate the function of the building to the passers-by and attract more people to visit.


#16 Building is in medium size and located in the center. A migrating-like gallery is the best new home for the building. To put large equipment, there were lots of openings in the floor slabs. The renovation selectively keeps the shape of the original openings and replaces with glass floor slabs. The triplet arch in the building shows the craftsmanship of the plant construction back then. Through glass facade, the ramp connecting the new floors 2 and 3 communicates with other buildings and activities in the park. The triplet arch keeps the original two fermentation tanks, in memory of the past vigorous production era.

Credited: Client: Shenyang Santi Investment Co.,Ltd.
Architects Team: Hiroshi Aoki, Toru Uno, Ko Oono, Sayantan Chakraborty, Ewa Scroczynska; Yoshiko.sato, Naoki Sato, Yue Chen, Xingpeng Wang, Xu Wujian

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