Rebirth of the Offset Printing Factory



After half century of trials and hardships, the Beijing Offset Printing Factory shut down, the buildings were also dilapidated. The reformation combining drama culture and functional replacement is in the hope of bringing a new vitality to the waste urban body.
Activation/ Development/ 3-D Streets
A unique space traveling system is leading the free and stereoscopic flowing growth of the initial traditional yards and alleys. Traffic moving lines will evolve into irregular three-dimensional garden trails, which brought along interaction between indoor and outdoor space and scenery.
Cultural Recurrence
Contrary to the current architectural concept which is becoming finer day by day, materials and techniques with low precision and more direct construction methods are adopted during the renovation. Preserving the original shape and specification of steels, removing all unnecessary processes and decorations, the integrality and independence of every piece of material can be protected. The joint constructions are made as simple and direct as possible to reveal the beauty of power and essence. The steel, naturally mottled and rusted as time goes on, is now talking with the surrounding old brick walls in a whisper. 
Omnipresent Theatre
The theatre is newly constructed on the former address of dilapidated buildings. Adopting the architectural structure of industrial warehouse, massive I-column steel and corten steel panel, the massive industrial space of the warehouse strongly contrasts the fashion and living drama scenes. When the warehouse theatre walls toward the courtyard will be hung up slowly, the whole garden becomes an omnipresent open theatre.

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