Raleigh Campsite in Guizhou

Architectural Design Institute of South China University of Technology Co., Ltd


Raleigh campsite is residing in a mountain village of the ethnic minority group of 'Buyi and ’Miao', a non-profit youth development campsite combining with rural community center. The design implements a symbiosis concept in its intervention with the site and employs lightweight assembly and local craft in construction. Mountain landscape, rural custom and youth-growth experience are bridged to provide an interactive place for both urban and rural children to grow in natural experience and public service practice. The project attracted donation by design proposal and was built by Raleigh companions and local craftsmen in cooperation. The site is an abandoned primary school. Taking the renovated teaching building as the anchor, the multifunctional lodge, service facilities and a variety of outdoor venues are extended. A village library opened to local community is set up on the junction of the campsite entrance and the village road. The multifunctional lodge (integrating training, leisure, camping and dining functions) topped with undulating membrane, provides a continuous sharing space with good view and ventilation. A series of open space facing the mountain and village are defined by translucent bamboo interface. The renovated teaching building is used as headquarter, volunteer dormitory, medical room,material warehouse and overlooking platform. The kitchen, washroom and library are built with bamboo-mold concrete and local masonry craft whose volumes are carefully defined to structure dynamic connection with the lodge and border. The village library’s wooden reading-room becomes the favorite place for children to read, play and seek help for their homework.

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