Queenstown Masterplan



This masterplan provides the opportunity for Queenstown to re-consider and re-imagine itself as 'New Zealand's coolest little city'. This exciting people focussed, design-led proposition includes retention of its key landscape character, dense and human scaled historic centre, vibrant mixed-use character and the addition of new sustainable transport options, internationally recognised events and celebrations, and authentic community and cultural experiences.

Queenstown is growing. Its 30,000 population is expected to pass 70,000 by 2035. This increase assumes a doubling of residents, dwellings, and also crucially, of vehicles and presents a fundamental change to the urban morphology of the district. During peak seasons - summer and winter holiday seasons - the population swells further to approximately 110,000, making it New Zealand's 8th largest urban centre. If not managed these challenges will impact negatively on the economy, liveability and amenity of New Zealand's most popular tourist destination. 

The vision to 're-connect the Town Centre with the spirit of the place and community' and master plan process reflects a synthesis of feedback provided from a highly creative community and stakeholder engagement strategy and a collaborative, place-based and design led process. 

The framework includes 12 'key moves' which establish site, place and design led responses to the landscape, infrastructural and social contexts of Queenstown. These inform 5 key town centre strategies - precincts, streetscape, movement, open space and built form - which establish the master plan. When implemented this will deliver a town centre that remains a vibrant and successful place and the economic, social, cultural and visitor focus for the wider district.

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