Planning and Design for Promotion and Renaissance of the Confucius Temple-West Lake Cultural and Natural Heritage Zone in Fushun County

Urban Design


Background Fushun County boasts a history of thousands of years. Nowadays, precious historical sites dating from the Tang and Song dynasties can be found here. However, Fushun has been characterized by low spatial quality, complicated transportation problems, deficient infrastructure and neglected old buildings nowadays. As a result, the potential value of history and culture has been gravely underestimated and neglected. The plan aims to develop the Confucius Temple-West Lake zone into an urban space that is ecological, healthy and characterized by rich connotation and cultural confidence. Strategies Overall, the planning structure is expressed as“four hills, one lake, one axis, two wings, three rings and multiple points”. The plan is extracted the following key strategies at three levels including technology, life and culture: ŸTheory: Retiring some space for the evolution of urban space ŸTransportation network: Optimize the connection among urban loops+ diversify slow traffic system ŸLandscape: Remold street life + renovate ecological waterfront ŸHistory & culture: Reproduce historical wonderful scenery + construct cultural corridors ŸSocial life: Featured scenario support + urban “microsurgery” Conclusions: The ongoing ancient county town reconstruction has achieved preliminary results: Ÿ2.5 km-long path in residential quarters and 34 km-long water network has been renovated; and the newly-added green area reaches 32,100 m2. ŸConfucius Temple-West Lake zone has been promoted to a national AAAA level scenic spot. ŸIt is estimated that the scenic zone will attract 1 million tourists every year after it's completed.

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