With the tides of the current financial market turning towards increased use of internet banking, the number of customers that visit bank branches / financial centers is gradually decreasing every year. On the contrary, it can be said that the number of bank branches operating in Seoul is unnecessarily overwhelming. Just in the central-South region of Seoul; there are 17 branches in Samseong-dong, 16 in Yeoksam-dong, and 11 in Daechi-dong per neighborhood. As most banks are situated on the first or second floor of the building, they are required to pay a high price for rent and hence, it can be argued that it is now inefficient to operate the typical bank branches in today's day and age.

The remodeling project of KEB Hana Bank's Place 1 in Samseong-dong is a landmark building that has integrated the branch offices and major subsidiaries into one building to play a major role in the most financially-significant region of Seoul. Since the bank branch offices are no longer easily accessible from the street, Place 1 has incorporated elements other than financial services into the space. Visitors can experience and enjoy various contents within the building as they seek the financial services they originally intended to receive.

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