Phuc An Elderly Village




The 22 hectare housing project for the elderly in Long An city ( 30km from Ho Chi Minh city) is very important for the City. Located on the border of Hochiminh and LongAn, the Project would be the link and well place for not only the older people but also their family.
In Vietnamese Culture, the old person doesn't want to live alone. They always prefer live with all family. But the conflict between generation, the lack of hospitality system and especially the green space bring the sector becoming complicated. 
Our design were held by provide our customer with kind environment which promote to be in touch with water, moutain, with the sun, enhancing the close relation between inhabitants of the building.
We try to make the new way of urban space. The Green-Korridor connect the Complex building with the private house. 
The Green-Link not only break the cold city method but also become the public space where people hang out, biking, running..
The architecture of the Complex building and house are smooth, like a leaf as the environment. Almost become the mountain and the river front. The Abstract system of Asian Feng-Shui method: Back Mountain Front water. 
The hospital and hotel rooms are lighted and green as much as possible The Leaf-shape Korridor becomes the manner of a small Vietnam village, where people can speak in front of the door of their room-houses fleeing like their hometown. 
the Project under Construction and Finish in 2020. 

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