Peter Culley, Spatial Affairs Bureau

Spatial Affairs Bureau is a multiple award-winning architecture, design and landscape firm based in Los Angeles and London UK led by Peter Culley.
 The practice is recognised for its emphasis on critical research as a way into each project, and an ability to pertinently identify and embrace the limits that emerge from that process.
 There is a particular focus in arts and culture, having worked with museums, culturally-driven commercial organizations and art initiatives including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; TBWAChiatDay Los Angeles; Crosstown Arts, Memphis; Richmond Bridge Park, Virginia; and Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. There are also multiple artists both as clients and collaborators for public and private commissions. Spatial Affairs is also recognized for sustainable heritage conservation and adaptive re-use from the massive internationally-recognised 1.5 million sqft Crosstown Concourse to modest domestic projects in and around Los Angeles.
 Peter Culley considers buildings, landscape and enclosed space hand in, seeing the building envelope more as a uniting filter between interior and exterior environments than as a hard cut-off between. Projects range across considerable scales and settings.
 The practice is capable and agile across disciplines and scales - including lighting and passive house principles - though as projects require it, collaboration with other specialists are prized. Limits of each scenario are embraced for poetic response.
 Education is key to our philosophy and members of the office are consistently involved in bringing architecture and landscape dialogue at both high school and university level.

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