Parque Central

Parque Central, Gustafson Porter + Bowman

The first phase of Parque Central (11.5ha) is comprised of a series of varied, multi-level gardens and re-purposed railway buildings that collectively serve as a focal point for a range of age groups and community uses. It opened to the public in 2019. Defined by bold features and the use of water throughout, Parque Central distils the historical, cultural, and geographical features of Valencia into an engaging contemporary park and public space. Water pools, jets, and channels welcome visitors to the park and encourage interaction and play.

The colourful and sensory planting palette draws on the flora and fauna of the region and has become a vital new ecological component within the city. References to the local tradition of ceramics are expressed through the design of ‘bowls’, which provide a unifying gesture with water as its overarching theme. These bowl-like spaces are created through sculpted landforms, with spaces for art, programmed activities, the community and cultural events.

Our design acknowledges Valencia’s unique position as a major trading and cultural centre in European history and its location between several ecological habitats: the Turia River reserve, the agricultural plain (La Huerta), the Albufera Natural Park and the Mediterranean Sea. The full 66-hectare site has received €73m of investment and on completion, will create a new contemporary public park which celebrates the culture of the region.

JVC: Gustafson Porter + Bowman/Nova Ingeniería/Grupotec/Borgos Pieper
Landscape architect & lead designer: Gustafson Porter + Bowman
Project Management: Nova Ingeniería Civil, Structural, M&E engineers: Grupotec
Architect: Borgos Pieper
Water feature designer: JML
Water Feature Design Soil Consultant: Tim O’Hare Associates
Lighting: Claude R. Engle IV