One More Room

Morelos, Mexico / ADG


This project is about extending and improving the houses built between 2004 and 2012, whose original composition has a single bedroom; a housing model allowed and regulated by public policies, which produced more than 820 thousand houses.

In order to reduce overcrowding in houses, the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (INFONAVIT, for its acronym in Spanish) implemented the "Un Cuarto Más" (“One More Room”) strategy, which aims to benefit more than two million people in urban areas of Mexico. The main objective of this strategy is to increase the quality of life of workers through the extension of those houses that only have one room. The initial phase was conducted in collaboration with five offices for the development of prototypes that offer solutions of efficiency in cost, time and extension, considering: structural resistance, improvement of the urban conditions of the housing complex, preservation of the guarantees of the original house, energy efficiency, design, and existing relationship between costs and distribution.

For Taller ADG, overcrowding is not only the excessive proportion of inhabitants occupying the same area, but also the quality and dignity of the spaces. Beyond design, our proposal offers a possibility of reconfiguring the house in a simple, multifunctional and integrated way, seeking to change the experience and improve the spatial quality and environmental comfort of the house. Using the existing construction system, based on concrete blocks, our proposal minimizes the use of material resources and exposes the integrity of structural performance.

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