Olympic House, IOC Headquarters

Olympic House, IOC Headquarters, 3XN in collaboration with IttenBrechbühl

Olympic House is designed around the International Olympic Committee’s five key values: movement, transparency, flexibility, sustainability, and collaboration. The transparent double glass façade is the hallmark of the new 22,000m2 headquarters building. The visual transparency of the façade not only provides great views to Lake Geneva but acts as a metaphor for the IOC as an open and transparent organisation. With its dynamic, undulating form, the building appears different from all angles and conveys the energy of an athlete in motion.

By optimising the façade to floor plate ratio and creating a fully glazed façade from floor to ceiling, the design brings daylight deep into the building. The inner layer features an integrated sunscreen, allowing the outer layer to maintain its fully glazed and transparent appearance. Minimising the environmental footprint enables the new building to represent the IOC commitment while not compromising the quality of the working environment.

The interior is designed with as few structural constraints as possible, allowing the open and flexible environment to adapt to future working styles. Sustainable features such as low flow taps, toilets, and rainwater capture significantly reduce the building’s use of water, while the solar panels located on the roof reduce the need for electricity from the grid. After completing in June 2019, Olympic House has received three of the most rigorous sustainable building certifications: LEED v4 Platinum, with the highest score ever given, SNBS Platinum and Minergie P, making it the most sustainable building in the world.