EID Architecture


Located alongside a major thoroughfare within the center of Xi'an and within walking distance of the historical ancient city walls, the project comprises a 320 meter tall tower, consisting of office areas and a boutique hotel, a 220 meter tall service apartment tower, and a twelve floor podium containing extensive retail and entertainment areas and connected at street level to the surrounding streetscape and an adjacent park contained and integrated into the design. Conceived as an iconic and culturally representative landmark, the design offers a platform for a new dimension in urban living and the future of high density mixed-use projects through the integration of the desired program both spatially and experientially. 
Culturally, contextually and programmatically responsive, the design draws inspiration from both the historical gridded pattern of the city with its overlapping pure rectangular geometries and the ancient city walls and their relationship with the city, in particular their connection to nature and the opportunity to occupy these high vantage points as public space. These inspirations fuse together to create a design that is intended as a balanced cohesive massing and expressed as a series of pure three dimensional geometric volumes and spaces that overlap and dissolve and fragment at the lower portion. The outcome is a design that is both contextual and iconic, contextually integrated whilst unique in appearance. A design that allows for a visual and spatial porosity and connectivity at many levels and creates a place of understated monumentality within a contextually harmonious architecture. 

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