Oasis Terraces

Oasis Terraces, Serie + Multiply Architects

Oasis Terraces stands to reinvent what a community centre is in a high-density city. Providing the primary public amenities for residents in the Punggol neighbourhood of Singapore, the 27,000 sqm centre contains health, retail and communal facilities. An expansive sloping green space defines the scheme, allowing views, light and air to penetrate the building. Landscape acts as a connective element in which garden elements successively frame community space. The design utilises a series of lush garden terraces that slope towards the waterway as one of the key elements to generate communal activities. These lush gardens act as communal spaces, children’s playgrounds and a natural amphitheatre. The roof is also heavily landscaped and features planting beds for urban farming. By bringing residents together to plant, maintain and enjoy them, the gardens help nourish community bonds. A large sheltered plaza fronting the waterways creates the vibrant heart for the community. This plaza is used for a wide range of communal activities and events and sits at the crossing point of the east-west and north-south thoroughfares of the site. All circulation through the site and from the adjacent Oasis LRT station culminates at the plaza. The design is informed by the open frames commonly found in the facades and corridors of HDB's housing blocks of the 70s and 80s but transformed into a light and open frame that captures and accommodates diverse programmes for the community in a landscape setting—it is an architectural framework for communal life to unfold.