Nordea Bank Headquarters in Denmark

Henning Larsen Architects A/S


Built on a base of slate with scintillating facades, the new Nordea Headquarters sets new standards for working in the financial sector. 

The building opens up to the city by providing passersby on the street the opportunity to glance directly into conference rooms and offices, and the two large atria are interconnected by a publicly accessible inner streetscape. 

The Western atrium space houses Scandinavia’s largest trading floor with a capacity of 600 traders working with a view of scenic Amager Faelled. In the Eastern atrium space, clients meet the bank’s employees. This is where people enjoy lunch, coffee breaks and informal meetings.

The selection of materials for the Nordea Headquarter is inspired by the Nordic landscape using both slate, oak, and trees borrowed from the vegetation of the Nordic forests, adorning the indoor atrium space.

Targeting LEED Platinum, the building supports a healthy work life where employees design their own workday in a sustainable environment. No one has an assigned seat. Instead, multi-rooms, project tables, and touchdown workspaces ensures that employees can shift between varying working situations. 

The use of natural daylight has been an important part of the strategy in creating a successful and sustainable building achieving LEED Platinum certification. The crystalline facade allows daylight to flow through the building. The two-pane window concept handles natural ventilation, noise dampening, and solar shading between the panes of glass. 

Another significant strategy has been to harvest the heat generated from the many computers’ data center. The waste heat from the data center below the trading floor is used to heat up 715 bicycle parking spots close to the entrance. A ventilated floor with micro-perforated floor plates and carpets diverts the heat from the work spaces, just as water cooling embedded in the tables diverts the heat from screens and technical equipment.

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