New Baishizhou Shenzhen

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture


Shenzhen is one of the most dynamic cities on earth and is a global leader in urban innovation and smart city technologies. Baishizhou, an area in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, has a rich heritage that is well-documented throughout the planning process. The urban form of Baishizhou is distinct in terms of its urban density, tightly-spaced streets, square and rectangular stepped buildings, and moments of surprise when buildings and streets shift to create spaces of unique character and identity. These spatial characteristics can be used to create distinct architecture and public spaces that embody memories of the physical form of the district that people recognize today. 
One of the most talked about characteristics of Baishizhou is the abundance of traditional food, goods, and services, and although New Baishizhou is modern showcase of a Chinese community, AS+GG's new master plan strives to retain its unique local business, food, and art. It is essential that the legacy vision and development strategy for New Baishizhou addresses current needs while also being able to adapt to future change. Today, lifestyle shifts are occurring at record pace as cities grow in density, technology opens new pathways, and people seek balance between home, work, school, and play.
Some of the largest shifts impacting city that drive AS+GG's legacy vision for New Baishizhou include:
-Diversification of work environments 
-Emergence of "on-demand everything" - including access to goods and services
-Impact of e-commerce, which may increase freight traffic and decrease pedestrian traffic
-Growth in freight traffic as e-commerce escalates

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