Office for Metropolitan Architecture


MPavilion 2017 is commissioned by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation and designed by Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten of architectural firm OMA. MPavilion is as a civic space designed to encourage design, debate and cultural exchange. From October through February, MPavilion becomes a cultural laboratory, and home to a series of talks, workshops, performances and installations. MPavilion's architectural design allowed for programming that encouraged inclusivity and engaged with an extensive range of topics, fostering critical thinking and debate. The pavilion was designed so that along with providing a space for performances, it could also perform itself. Inspired by ancient amphitheaters the pavilion serves as a stage, as a tribune, and as a playground blurring the distinction between performer and audience. MPavilion 2017 is shaped by two tiered grandstands-one fixed and the other moveable, and covered by a floating roof structure. The rotating grandstand allows for interaction from all angles allowing the pavilion to open to the garden and broader cityscape. The larger static grandstand is excavated from the surrounding landscape and embedded in twelve different species of native plants, rooting the pavilion in its Australian setting. Overhead, a two-meter-deep machine like gridded canopy with a protective translucent roof holds advanced lighting technology to illuminate the series of free public events. With the city as a backdrop, the design provokes discussion on Melbourne, its development, and its surroundings. Following the season, the temporary pavilion is gifted to the people of Melbourne and relocated to a permanent site; creating a legacy of architectural gems.

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