Morse Park Amphitheatre



The site is an existing amphitheatre in Morse Park which was completed in 1967 and has since grown along with the district. As an aging district in Hong Kong, what can we inject in this setting to benefit the community? We want to regenerate a focus in the midst of the landscape. While preserving the original essence of the park which has become part of daily life of the residents, we want to enhance the outdoor theatre for the regular performance of Cantonese Operas, and to expand the potential of the venue to attract varieties of activities into this neighbourhood. Our open theatre respects the tradition of the courtyard performance in Chinese Opera history. Performances of different natures are encouraged with wide range of activities ranging from operas to park concerts, as well as share&care events and weekend bazaars. The concept is to regenerate a focus in the park by creating and connecting varieties of spaces to encourage diversified activities. Entering the forecourt through a walk up the park, metal trellis with bamboo planting lead to the pavilion on one side; extending canopy signifies the amphitheatre on the other. The canopy continues into the greenery, merging the structure with surrounding park. All these elements come together in a dynamic whole, juxtaposing between the old and new, creating multiple layers of space for individual wander, casual gathering to organized social events. While preserving daily routines of the residents, diversified activities are brought into this neighbourhood park, fostering communications between different generations.

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