Morpheus Hotel

Leigh & Orange Limited


This development is located at the heart of the Cotai Strip in Macau, establishing itself as a premier leisure and entertainment complex integrated with hotel accommodations, diverse entertainment features, international dining, and high-end retail facilities. L&O is the Executive Architect for the multi-disciplinary project and the scope includes full design and statutory coordination with all architects, interior and specialist designers and contractors, as well as the detailed design and construction documentation of the works for general arrangement, Heart-of-House / Back-of-House design. L&O were also involved extensively in the technical coordination and documentation for the Executive Lounge, international restaurants, retail outlets and provided construction stage support services and took part in statutory and government inspections. Morpheus Hotel on the north side of City of Dreams occupies a unique position, bounded visually on the north by the lush green parklands of Taipa Natural Park, the glitz of the Cotai Strip on the south and the boundless hues of the South China Sea to the east. The building is informed by the fluid forms within China’s rich tradition of jade carving and the external hues of Morpheus influenced by City of Dreams (inspired by the theme of water) and the rich blue tones of the ocean through a subtle palate of silver cladding and sky blue glazing. The three voids scooped out from the building, aids to visually break up the formal rectilinear nature of its architecture and acts to create a visual corridor between the Taipa Natural Park to the Cotai Strip.

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