MOMA Lotus Resort

Lacime Architects


MOMA Lotus Resort is placed on the water within Jiuhua Mountain, China, as if to integrate the scenery of the four seasons into the architecture. With characteristic features, the resort complements yet stands out from its surroundings. The roof is an upward sloping roof with the highest point defined in the southeast corner of the site, which also solves the function setting of local two floors.

Under the roof, the function is completely divided and separated, and the courtyard is embedded to blur the boundary between inside and outside. Water elements are designed both inside and outside the courtyard, so that with reflections in the water, people can experience the Zen garden and enjoy different scenery. The building is decorated in two colors, with a grey exterior wall and wooden interiors. Tapestry bricks are collaged in the form of hollow brick walls, covered with small grey-green roof tiles, so as to present a humble and calm atmosphere.

Materials of the inner courtyard adopt a large number of wooden-colored aluminum plates and glass, which warm up under the sunshine. The interior and exterior materials are transitioning under the cornice, the wooden color of the suspended ceiling extends outside, reflecting in the water, and grey bricks are used around the corridor and courtyard. The patio adopts imported merbau logs in the style of Anhui folk houses. Resort’s guests can enjoy an extensive mountain view. It is left to different users to experience the relaxation of life and Zen philosophy.

Architects Team:Lin Qionghua, Wei Yiming, Wang Jun, Zhang Zhiwu


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