Our main aim is to create an utterly contemporary architecture that is committed to the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources. 

Armed with dedication, service, complicity and enthusiasm, we seek to provide solutions that are tailored to the initial needs and aspirations of our customers. Our way of working is defined by our ability to reinvent ourselves, to approach people and to seek new proposals contrasting ideas. We want to question ourselves on how to inhabit the city and on how architecture can act as a catalyzer of modern social relations.

Our search for constant innovation has led us to open a new line of work: Mesura Think Tank. This has allowed us to build up the early stages of development, where architecture and engineering come together. 

The MESURA team ensures the quality of each project by paying special attention to the construction process. To ensure the proper execution of each project, MESURA relies on twenty architects and coworkers in its office of Barcelona.

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