Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort

Liyang, China / AchterboschZantman Architecten


Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort is located in Liyang, China. The resort hides itself in the city’s most beautiful Longtan Forest, which is lying between Tianmu Lake and Nanshan Bamboo. The Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort integrates the four ecological elements: forest, tree houses, hot springs and mountains. The resort is suitable for ecological and recreational tourism as well for commercial gatherings.

The total of 31 tree houses are cleverly setup in the middle of Nanshan jungle. They are constructed with natural materials. All tree houses are able to fully meet the wishes of the guests. It has a fresh, natural and cozy appearance.

The resort hides pools of hot springs. The hot springs are streaming along the hillsides and lying on the meadow, with the sky and mountains reflecting in it. The spring water is clear and mild. It has a temperature of 48 degrees Celcius and is rich in silicon, potassium, calcium, sodium, fluorine, chlorine, bromine and other 20 kinds of minerals and diversified trace elements that are beneficial to health. The spring pools are independent from each other to ensure privacy. 

The Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort is a perfect place for relaxation amidst beautiful, natural scenery.

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