Maitland Levee and Riverlink Building

Maitland Levee and Riverlink Building, McGregor Coxall & CHROFI

With a shop front vacancy of 50%, Maitland High Street pedestrian mall was a posterchild for the urban blight that affects many regional centres in Australia. McGregor Coxall developed a ten year urban regeneration masterplan that commenced with a stage one conversion of the mall to a shared street called the Levee. The revamped street has brought public life back to the city centre.

The recent stage two opening of a public Riverlink Building designed by CHROFI with McGregor Coxall connects the Levee to the river marking the final chapter of the plan. With shop front vacancy now at 5%, Maitland High Street has been transformed through deployment of inter disciplinary urban design strategies into an active community and civic heart with a renewed place economy.