Macquarie University Incubator



The Macquarie University Incubator is purposefully designed and realised to function in the critical zone where education and industry coincide. It is a dramatic demonstration that Macquarie University is facilitating societal advancement through industry partnerships, through research and education, through invention and creation.
Collaboration, communication and the transfer of knowledge and ideas are key to achieving the entrepreneurial intent of the Incubator and so constant exposure to other people is imperative here. 
The guiding principles for the architectural design were inclusive of transparency, flexibility, an authentic approach to the use of sustainable materials, passive environmental design, the sensitive integration with surrounding landscape and the innovative use of prefabricated modular systems combined with emerging technological advances associated with the digital fabrication of engineered timber products.
Key to the originality of the Incubator is its accelerated process of design, modular pre-fabrication and rapid installation. In an era when the provision of high-quality built environments are needed with increasing urgency to address elevated levels of educational demand the Macquarie University Incubator has clearly demonstrated that speed and excellence can be realised with intelligence and architectural elegance.

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