Macquarie University Incubator



The Macquarie University Incubator aims to amplify and imbue deep thinking around innovation, bringing together entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity and collaboration. The Incubator was conceived as a pair of pavilions, each with flexible layouts that lend themselves to future adaptations and functions with the facilitation of collaboration being the underlying principle of the Incubator. The architecture is designed to be both a light touch and memorable, responding to the shallow falling site, the beautiful wooded context and Macquarie University's aspiration to create a building that represents and encourages innovation. 
Long span timber beams, a perimeter structure, modular façade, and a generous floor to ceiling dimensions allows the building to function both in the immediate future with internal spaces being able to be configured in a variety of differing configurations and importantly in the future if the building was to change use entirely.
The architectural principles of the Incubator, that being the expression of structure, a harmonious palette of natural materials and a form that acknowledges the original gridded character of the University's masterplan, also reflects the best and defining features of the architectural context of the Macquarie University campus. Beyond the form, the feel and scent of the timber is a fundamental characteristic of the Incubator. Various timber species were used throughout, including a ceiling diaphragm of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), large span Glulam beams and Glulam V columns, as well as spotted gum hardwood and cork for the interior floor surfaces, plus plywood for the external walls. 

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